UK CAA, CAP 437 (December 2016)
IHRA – Code of Rules, Document Version 1.0 / Dated 28. 06. 2016


UK CAA, CAP 437 (December 2016)
Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas, February 2016, Edition 8.

UK CAA, CAP 1077 (July 2013)
Specification for an Offshore Helideck Lighting System, July 2013 Edition.

UK CAA, CAP 748 (July 2004)
Aircraft Fuelling and Fuel Installation Management, July 2004 Edition.

International Helideck Regulators’ Association (IHRA), was initiated to ensure standardization. IHRA’s intention is to evaluate and accredit Service Providers to maintain a high degree of helideck safety and standards according to the UKCAA, CAP 437 Publication – Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas. International Helideck Regulators’ Association (IHRA) is a non-profit organization and offers international support in testing and inspection, systems assessment, product certification, training and advisory services, standardized helideck certification in service providers logo, etc. “Make perfection a habit – worldwide.” IHRA’s focus is to enable service providers to perform better, working with regulatory bodies and Helicopter Operators (UKCAA, ICAO, BHA, etc.) around the world to enhance standards and practices and come up with better solutions together.